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Measure F is a special tax that the District has proposed to be placed on the November 3, 2020 ballot.  The passing of Measure F is critical for the District to maintain 3 strategically placed fire stations to protect the 37,000 residents with the properly trained firefighters that we deserve.


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This passing of Measure F will allow the Arcata Fire District to continue to provide fire protection services to the communities served, including Arcata, Bayside, Jacoby Creek, Manila, and McKinleyville.


Measure F will pass pass with YOUR help!

The Friends of Measure F have been working diligently by volunteering their time and skills to make sure this important tax measure passes - but we still need your help!

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Yes on Measure F Arcata Fire District

What Happens With the Passing of Measure F?


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Most of the common questions regarding Measure F can be found on our Frequently Asked Questions page :)

Reopen Third Station

Eliminate the rotating brown-outs

Restore 8 Vacant Positions

Budget cuts have frozen FF positions

Fund Aging Vehicles

Increase in calls = more maintenance

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Yes on Measure F

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